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Gold is defined as a soft, yellow precious metal or a color mix of yellow and olive-brown. It is a precious metal that’s been valued for thousands of years. Aside from using it in trading, it also can be used as jewelry.

You're never fully dressed without AlaDeen jewelry. Take a moment and cherish the grand collection. We design your dreams with gold, diamonds, and anything else you desire!

Our Story

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Story Of AlaDeen Jewels...

AlaDeen Jewels, founded with a mission to give the best products through the hard work and honest effort that quality jewelry could deliver. Established by Al Ebreiz Global Capital Berhad (AGCB) with the collaboration of Paxos Ebriez Skylight Berhad (PESB), AlaDeen Jewels aims to give the best service for our customers to make their life sparkled with our tantalizing jewelry.

With PESB as our primary gold provider, AlaDeen Jewels guarantee that our products are fresh from the refinery plant. The refined gold will be formed into jewelry with the highest quality before being distributed in AlaDeen Jewels.

In AlaDeen Jewels, our customers are offered various types of jewelry such as rings, necklaces, earrings, bangles, and many more.

Fast Delivery

At AlaDeen Jewels we are aware of how important it is to get your product speedily. We help to get you well on your way in that regard, by offering you fast product delivery.

24/7 Support

AlaDeen Jewels is available for any product related support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. We ensure that our clients won’t get into any trouble with our services.

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Why Us?

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We only provide our jewellery with the purest gold without being contaminated with other substances.


We promise to serve with only our unique and privileged jewellery for the best customer experience.


We strive for excellence in ensuring our service to be top-notch quality for our customers’ satisfaction.


We are equitable and honest in our dealings to observe industry best standards towards stakeholders.


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