Is Gold Preferable to Cash as a Form of Savings?

In today’s current situation, most citizens own their physical gold for personal use, as gold is seen as a safe asset. This is one of the reasons why most people opt to gold for savings when situations are bumpy. We can say that Malaysians do purchase gold jewelry or pure gold (coins, bars, etc.)  to store up for a rainy day. Nowadays, buying gold as a form of savings is more simple. Gold is the solution if you seek a low-risk way to secure your cash in a volatile economic environment. Meanwhile, you can always acquire, store, and convert gold safely using online financial infrastructure to fulfill your needs and preferences.

Why gold? It cannot be denied that the best investment choice for everyone is gold. For instance, due to the tendency of investors to lower their holdings in riskier investments like equities, gold is viewed as a decent alternative to savings during economic uncertainty. Many investors include gold in their portfolios to diversify their investments and reduce downside risk. Numerous studies have shown an inverse association between gold’s performance and the equity market’s performance. To reduce some of their downside risks and act as a hedge against a turbulent market, this is why many people buy gold instead.

Moreover, when it comes to inflation, although it helps the economy thrive, too much of it can drive up the cost of household items. Thus, when this occurs, the number of goods and services you can buy with your savings diminishes, implying that the worth of the money you saved has decreased merely by sitting in your savings account. Therefore, gold has historically been an excellent inflation hedge due to its propensity to increase in value when the cost of living rises. Over the past 50 years, gold prices have soared while the stock market has fallen during periods of rising inflation. This is because gold is often valued in fiat currency units, rising in price along with everything else when fiat currency’s purchasing power is diminished by inflation. In addition, consumers may be persuaded to purchase gold if they think their local currency depreciates because gold is seen as a reliable store of value.

AlaDeen Gold Wallet, The Future of Islamic Hybrid Finance

AlaDeen Gold Wallet is a new approach to owning and trading gold through a digital platform designed to offer the most secure gold ownership and trading experience possible without the hassle of physical storage. Gold is represented by actual physical gold and is used as a medium of exchange on the Shariah-compliant AlaDeen Gold. At Al Ebriez, we offer users a secure and top-notch trading experience.

Let’s get started in gold savings with AlaDeen Gold Wallet effortlessly! The AlaDeen Gold application is available to download via Google Play Store > HERE for Android and via App Store > HERE for iOS.

These are the 11 TOP REASONS why you have to download AlaDeen Gold Wallet now to ENJOY & GAIN these numerous AWESOME BENEFITS:  

  1. FREE Registration > There’s no registration fee. Everyone can open an account with Aladeen Gold Wallet anytime and anywhere without hassle.
  2. Lowest price in the market > We offer lower prices because everyone can afford to buy gold in its purest form, including the price.
  3. FREE Transfer your gold online of any amount to your loved ones > Our hybrid financing system enables our members to send the gold in their accounts to their loved ones as a gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or even for Waqf and Sadaqah to their preferred charities.
  4. No Storage Charges > Yup, exactly. There’ll be no storage fees or requirements for you to store your gold with us. This is great!
  5. Start saving with a minimum of 0.1g of gold ONLY > We do not require you to have a minimum of RM100 or RM2000 to buy gold. On July 7th, 2022, the price of 0.1g of gold was RM25.70, which most people can pay or equal to the price of a Starbucks and McDonald’s.
  6. Take part in our SAVE Now and BUY Later Program > Subscribers can buy gold at the current price and save the gold over 6, 12, or 18 months. This makes gold a more effective alternative to standard fixed deposits or savings accounts for people who want to save a specific percentage of their income and build wealth.
  7. Convert to physical gold easily > At your request, your remaining gold in AlaDeen Gold Wallet can be converted and withdrawn as a physical bar weighing a minimum of 0.1g or at least 1g. Instead of giving your loved ones and family Duit Raya or Ang Paos, you could choose this new option as a gold gift to make it memorable!
  8. You will EARN More by referring to your friends and families > Regardless of how much gold you purchase from your AlaDeen Gold Wallet; we reward all of our subscribers with a minimum of 1% and a maximum of 2%. The more you refer, the more you can earn!
  9. We gained recognition and won the Distinguished Corporate Technology Award at the World Digital Economy Technology Summit 2022.
  10. We are managed by professional corporate bankers and former Wall Street traders with over 200 years of expertise in various fields, including banking, finance, technology, Islamic finance, and academia. Thus, you don’t have to worry about buying, saving, selling, redeeming, and earning more in Gold & Silver Bars and Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham Coins via AlaDeen Gold Wallet.
  11. With AlaDeen Gold Wallet, everything is EASY, SIMPLE & FAST > Our payment gateway allows you to instantly purchase Gold & Silver Bars and Gold Dinar & Silver Dirham Coins via FPX Online banking with all banks in Malaysia and FPX online banking for corporate/company accounts allowing companies to save a portion of their profits. We also offer our subscribers e-Wallets like GrabPay, Boost, Touch n’ Go, and PayPal to increase convenience.

Hence, there is no reason not to start your savings and gain your financial goals in gold now. Wait no more! Open your account in simple steps on AlaDeen Gold Wallet. Don’t wait until the times are tough; gold is what you need to sustain and secure your financial status in whatever situations, despite emergencies.